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I don’t think there is ever enough time.

The highlights of the sale last month and the mural include selling two prints and a painting, making some new contacts and visiting with some really cool friends.  The mural is mostly sketched out but I feel it can be simplified in context and in time. This last part is all out of my own opinion and ambition, but I think my bosses would agree.

It’s strange to think of the people I work with as being a boss vs a friend or manager. My job dosn’t really feel like work on many levels. One reason is I get to play with film and image as portrayed on screen. I get to watch films all the time (I should probably cut down), and nearly all my co-workers are fun to be around making everything seem like a social event.

On that note I should probably move forward in my work ambitions rather than laze around at this job. Some of my co-workers would not agree that I am lazy as I aparently drive them nuts asking them to get things done and walking/running around the building doing things.  I can’t really argue with this except to say that compared to the amount of work needed for fine arts classes it feels like sitting on a couch eating potato chips and watching movies.

Part four of all this is that it has to be time to move onward both creatively and in life in general. It’s hard to fight it anymore and there really is no point. Alot of this involves moving out or away which I would gladly have done two years ago and now find it difficult.  It’s a different world with different people. I could iterate this for pages, I think this is far enough.  The plus side of this is some creative ventures have an extra push that wasn’t there even as close as six months ago.  I don’t know how to finish this, so I’ll just say I have somewhere near four web comic updates ready and as soon as I have 6 months worth and a web page, up it will go.  I hope you like it. I also realized I just have to please myself with it, because that is the only way I’ll want to keep it up.



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August has started with a rush.

It’s been a week and I have aged into another year, watched a few more movies and started to push my way back into making and selling art.

I always start getting down when I have to fill out more forms and paperwork. It makes me question my choices and lifestyle. I understand alot of people get this way, particularily if they get into the arts. It’s worse than a roller coaster and it makes alot of people give up their dreams or desires.

Since I’m done with all those little sheets of paper for another half year everything seems better for awhile. This could be a false sense of security, but it’s nice anyway.

Good news time.

My work might be comissioning me for a couple of wall murals and I’ve signed up for an art block party that is like a huge garage sale in order to make myself get back into painting.

I don’t want to get my hopes too high for the mural as I’m not sure what they’re budget might be. But sketching it all out is alot of fun. (Also the technical aspects of it all get me excited). As for the art sale, I am excited but also wired by my time constraints. I have about 15 days to get everything ready, figure out a display and retouch all the ones I want to sell. Out of those 15 days I will be away on a pre-planned roadtrip to another province for 7 and I will still be working.

I don’t think sleep will be easy. This feels like portpholio time which is fantastic and imposing all at once.

I think it will be worth it…

Motivation vs Time

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Yes it’s July…

Most of this time lapse can be attributed to my staying at my mom’s for a month and a half, thus having less computer access and time.

That aside.

Work is definately a deterrant to creativity. I think I need a month off to get anything productive done.  I have been working on my level of epic living, which I think has gone rather well this week.

My theater is playing some late night staff screenings of ‘classic’ films this summer including: Jaws (played this past weekend), Grease (next weekend I think) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show ( at the end of the month).

I’m rather excited for all of these with a little wariness for Rocky. I’ve only really experienced this movie with full participation (put on by our local art cinema twice a year). This leaves me thinking it might be lacking without the rice and other accessories being thrown around.  I guess I’ll just have to see…

In other news I have random sketches for my web comic coming along. I think I’m just too random a person for continued linear stories as I tend to be better at short stories. So in by the end of the summer I am likely to just post up what I have and go from there.

I would like to develope the continued plotline in my head, but I fear it would completely delay the entier venture until it is pointless.

All of this should be easier after returning home this week. (and eventually aquiring a pretty shiny laptop :D)

Until then… 🙂

Well Hello!

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Interesting, I havn’t updated anything since november really and April appears to have boomed in viewings. ^-^

Must be spring.

Well I guess I will keep updating this thing.

My last post was about my web comic; Thanks to a friend I sort of fixed a location for my comic as well as some play ideas as to how I wanted to handle it. I figured I should get started on it as I somehow managed to get 48 pages of notes in only one of my word idea drop files….

Yes I guess that’s alot but I have lots of mixed notes on short story ideas, potential novel ideas etc. that I like to hold onto. I even have some fantastic paragraphs that I want to use at some point.

Short version of all this is that last weekend I went to a neighbouring town for a comic convention (that I didn’t actually go to, except to the drink and draw with the industry people because I’ve gotten to know a few), I sat down and sorted all my notes into what I think is approximately eight characters.

I think they will be fantastic but I also want to keep working on them so they become more unique and defined in my head.  I also want to break up all my randomly awesome lines into feasable story archs or else the consistency would be lost.

I think it will work, I just hope that I don’t have to get another job. That might lead to no time whatsoever to work on anything.

Until next time. ^-^


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My web comic ideas have jumped forward. I believe I finally found a location to set the events in.

The characters still need to be completely worked out and the plot ideas massaged into submission.

I will add more later.

Also I am trying to link to on here. It will be obvious if I am successful.

Have a good night out there. ^-^


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Over the last year I have been taking part in presentations relating to comics, litteracy and art for schools and library’s. They have been incredibly fun, and I think the people attending find them useful.

Today I returned to Cold Lake, Alberta, the scene of the first of these I attended. I accompanied Jay and Vanessa; Jay who owns the comic store that started this trend and Vanessa a fellow artist and a professional. There was a good turnout considering the weather and once again I was impressed with the everyone. Jay has his presentation down to an art and all the people attending asked questions, showed us their own drawing skills and generally had good conversations.

If I happen to still be about next year, I will definately return for the third time. ^-^


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